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Funding Friday #3: NSF FastLane - knowing your history

Last Friday, we looked at NSF FastLane and how to create, edit, and submit proposals, then reuse the structure and format of submitted proposals by "cloning" them.

Today we will continue looking at FastLane: specifically, how to research NSF past funding record by program, topic, state, and institution.

The Award Search and Funding Trends page on FastLane is a place to start. You can search and browse using the:

The third is the "high score list" or "hall of fame", where you can also see which states, universities, and other organizations have been particularly successful (or not) at getting funding in recent years.

Besides the FastLane search pages, you should also look at the Funding Opportunities page and the individual pages for each directorate and program.

Next time, we will review the EPSCoR programs for NSF and the Department of Defense.
In future columns, we'll look at NSF's principal investigator and project page formats (here and on the Manic Monday forum). I will go through the NSF GPG sections A-I, discuss their preparation, and share a few tips I have learned on maintaining and updating them.

William Hsu
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