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Manic Monday #5: Content Management Systems - Where's the Content?

Expanding on the question I posted last week: What kind of Content Management Systems do you all use?

Services such as Yahoo! Groups, Groove, or LiveJournal or GreatestJournal?
Software such as Lotus Notes?
Custom applications (if so, what databases and server-side programming languages do you use)?

Is your CMS primarily groupware, or is it finely tuned for single-user mode as well? Is it internet-based (cf. Yahoo!) or intranet-based?
More important, what media does your primary content consist of? HTML? Metadata (XML and other semistructured formats)? Data in a relational database? Numerical spreadsheets? Images? Audio, video, or both?

We use Yahoo! Groups for our working groups, CVS for Eclipse, one mySQL database, three Wikis (for GECKIES, RoboSim, amd BNJ), public web servers with a PHP-based front end, and intranets under development. Of our web services, the ones for the NSF FIBR project will be divided into the public site with one sequence data and the intranet, containing our spreadsheet data, preprints, working documents, and local mirrors of licensed software, theses and dissertations, papers, and tech reports (the latter three in PDF form).

William Hsu
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